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Posted On November 15, 2009

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Caesar Salad (serves4)

Our version of Caesar salad, with its low-fat dressing will leave you feeling super satisfied

4 slices white bread, crusts trimmed

2 (400g) small chicken breast fillets

4 short-cut bacon rashers. (Cut into thin strips)

1 cos lettuce

2 tblsp light sour cream

½ cup light French dressing

1 small clove garlic, crushed shaved parmesan


Preparations:  (fresh is best)

Cut bread into 1cm squares.

Spread bread pieces over an oven tray and bake in 200c preheated oven for 10 minutes or until crisp and light golden.

Spray a heated, large non-stick frypan with cooking spray,

Add chicken fillets and pan-fry until golden on both sides and cooked through.

Remove chicken from pan, cover and set aside.

Add bacon strips to same frypan, sauté until just crisp, then remove from pan and drain on kitchen paper.

Tear lettuce leaves into large pieces, divide between 4 serving bowlsand to with sliced chicken breast, bacon strips and croutons.

Whisk together sour cream, French dressing and garlic, drizzle over salad, then top with shaved parmesan and season with freshly cracked black pepper.



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