Beauty Beaded Bookmark

Posted On November 17, 2009

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Beaded book mark (for reader)

These elegant (but so simple) beaded bookmarks make great props for Get Caught Reading for Xmas


  • Beads
  • Hemp thread (or heavy jeweler cord)      



  1. To make one, first tie a bead onto one end of each of three 2-foot lengths of hemp thread or heavy jeweler cord.
  2. Add a few more beads to each strand, and then knot the strands together 1 to 2 inches below the last beads
  3.  Braid or knot the threads as you like, then knot them all together again about 5 inches from the ends.
  4.  Add more beads to each individual strand, and then tie on an end bead, like the first, to keep them in place.


 Student: Yasemin Shawket


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